Maximize Your Credibility with the Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress


Using Testimonial Plugins for WordPress to demonstrate social proof of what other people think of a product or service is one of the finest ways to increase trust among website visitors.

Therefore, including testimonials on your website is crucial and needed today. They enable you to post comments, quotes, and other content regarding your services or products online so that everyone can see them.

There are various WordPress plugins available on the market that you can use to add testimonials to your website, but picking the ideal one might take a lot of work.

You don’t need to worry about this since I have selected 6 of the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins for your WordPress website, which you may use without any worries.

Here are the best free Testimonial plugin for WordPress:-

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

One of the most adaptable Best Testimonial plugins for Elementor is Strong Testimonials. It comes with several display options. A form is included that makes it simple for your consumers to contribute reviews and endorsements. These consist of:-

  • A Slider for testimonies,
  • A Grid layout,
  • A Masonry layout,
  • A Single-column layout

Plugin Highlights:-

  • With this testimonial Plugin for WordPress, you can share specific reviews or testimonial sliders with many choices.
  • You can utilize several types of testimonials throughout your website by setting up multiple custom views or styles.
  • Strong Testimonials also enable you to include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook embeds to liven up your presentations.
  • It also worked with plugins like WPML, Polylang, and WPGlobus to make it completely translation-ready.
  • It is excellent for testimonials about a certain category of goods or locations to have the opportunity to change the background and text colors.
  • You can alter the appearance and feel of those testimonials blocks.

The pro version of this plugin will consist of client reviews from Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and more if you have received them on social media.

Once you’ve gathered testimonials, you can use a shortcode to embed them wherever you like. To further wow your visitors, you can use shortcodes to display extra information like the number of testimonials and the average rating.

Key Features of this WordPress Plugin for Testimonials:-

  • Add customized testimonial submission forms to your website with this plugin.
  • You can see your users’ reviews and decide which ones to publish.
  • You can build a variety of grids, lists, and carousels of testimonials using the “View” feature, each with its specific appearance and functionality.
  • It has every option in a straightforward, understandable editor.
  • You can import reviews from Yelp, Zomato, Facebook, Google My Business, and WooCommerce.
  • You can construct various forms to gather testimonials from users and customers.

Quick and Easy Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Quick and Easy Testimonials

Quick and Easy Testimonials plugin offers a quick and easy way to display testimonials on a WordPress website quickly and it is one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins for Elementor.

With the aid of this testimonial Plugin for WordPress, testimonials will display in a straightforward, Centre-aligned format that will take on the theme’s design for both the displayed text and links. This is the Best Testimonial plugin for Visual Composer page editors like Elementor.

The plugin includes .pot and .po files for language translation and shortcodes for testimonial display. The styles are Centre-aligned, and the plugin supports RTL languages.

Key Features Best Testimonial Plugin for Elementor are:-

  • Utilizing a custom post type makes adding testimonials simple
  • Displays testimonies in a straightforward, centered manner
  • The testimonials text and links inherit the active theme’s styling
  • Shortcodes that are simple to utilize
  • Ready to translate
  • Compatible with the plugin for Visual Composer
  • Supports languages in RTL

Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider

The Testimonials Slider is the Best free WordPress testimonial plugin for WordPress, which is simple to set up, you can Showcase your testimonials in a stunning, contemporary slider. Your website will look better and be more user-friendly with this testimonial plugin.

Plugin’s Built-in Slider, you can display the testimonials in a beautiful slider with five distinct layouts that you may use to alter the colors and appearance of the slider.

  • Your customers can submit testimonials directly from the front end of your website with the help of the testimonial frontend submission form that is included with the testimonial slider.
  • Similarly, you can add and update current testimonials and make the required adjustments using the backend testimonial form.

Key Features of this WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugin:-

  • Single-sided testimonial slider and a testimonial carousel
  • Testimonial Slider’s colors are customizable
  • Designing for Adaptability
  • Integrated Visual Editor
  • It is possible to Add, Remove, and Change Testimonials
  • Can Change Testimonial Slider colors
  • Can View the Testimonial List and Slider Together
  • Premade Testimonial Layouts
  • Can Add testimonials using a Short Code or a widget
  • Form for Frontend Submission
  • Form for Backend Submission GDPR compliant

Real Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Real Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Real Testimonials is the Best WordPress Testimonial Plugin designed to show endorsements, client evaluations, or quotes in various formats on any post, page, custom template, widget, etc.

The plugin includes the simplest Shortcodes Generator settings panel with a live preview that will enable you to create excellent and original testimonials showcase with responsive layouts and configurable styles on your website.

There are many more testimonial plugins for WordPress but Real Testimonial is powerful testimonials for your potential clients, it is critical that you effectively display them on your website and that you are always gathering new ones.

Key Features:-

  • Fully mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Simple to Use – No Coding Needed
  • A generator for shortcodes with a live preview
  • Add as many testimonials as you like and show them wherever you choose.
  • Export and Import Testimonies
  • Control speed and AutoPay functionality
  • The slider will loop indefinitely
  • A maximum amount of testimonials can be displayed
  • Show/hide the pagination dots and navigation arrows
  • Slider pagination speed control
  • Stars as a ranking system
  • Display/hide the section title
  • Show/Hide the phrase or identification of a testimonial
  • Display or conceal the message or content of a testimonial
  • Show/hide the reviewer’s name
  • Display/hide the star rating
  • Show/Hide Reviewer’s Position or Identity
  • Reveal/cover the testimonial image.
  • Size the idea of the reviewer or testimonial.
  • User-friendly and simple to customize

Stars Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Stars Testimonials WordPress Plugin

With Stars Testimonial WordPress Plugin, you can quickly add testimonials to your website. You can choose the Layout and Style of testimonials once you install the Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins.

You can choose from one of Five Designs and Can Add up to Five Testimonials in the free version. It functions admirably with WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WPBakery, and more.

Key Features of Stars Testimonial Plugin for Elementor:-

  • Create as Many Testimonials as you like
  • Use shortcodes builder to create a testimonials widget
  • You can decide which testimonies are displayed and which are not
  • You can also make a direct link for the submission of testimonials
  • GDPR Complaint

Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials Showcase

Clients can submit testimonials directly on your WordPress website using the user-friendly frontend submission form included with the help of the Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin.

The grid of your testimonials has the opportunity to have filters added. It enables users of your site to sort client quotes based on various criteria, including testimonials, goods and services, locations, agents, and more.

Plugin Highlights:-

  • With this plugin, you can either use a widget or shortcodes to insert testimonials.
  • A visual shortcode editor’s presence makes it simple to observe how your testimonials will seem after making various adjustments.
  • There are numerous alternatives for your links in the Testimonials Showcase. You can include a link, an image, or a “read more” link in the entry’s subtitle.
  • Single-page access for that specific testimonial can be reached via the link, which is ideal for case studies.
  • You can incorporate structured data for search engines using the options provided by this plugin.
  • It builds the layouts using CSS and font icons to be retina ready.
  • The plugin is also prepared for translation.
  • Enables you to display star ratings in Google search results and is compatible with Gravatar.

Key Features for Best WordPress Testimonial Plugin:-

  • 15+ choices for customizing the layout
  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Ten-color palette
  • Unlimited Slider Features
  • Five Pre-Installed Theme Choices
  • Two methods of displaying testimonies (Grid and Slider)
  • Options for Advanced Links
  • Frontend form for submitting testimonials
  • Supports Snippets Rich and Gravatar
  • Convenient shortcodes
  • Retina-Ready style
  • Translation-Ready


Adding testimonies is crucial, regardless of how you go about it. You may easily present your reviews on the front end of your WordPress website using any of the plugins mentioned above. These endorsements can increase brand trust with your visitors so you can effectively market your goods and services.

Please share your ideas in the comment box if this post is enlightening. Have a look at our other articles on Top WordPress Plugins you can use in your website to increase its functionality.

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