Boost Your Website Insights with These Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins: Find Your Perfect Fit Now!

Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the top Google Analytics WordPress Plugins? Look no further! Whether you prefer free or paid solutions, we’ve hand-picked the top options for you.

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for any website, providing valuable insights into your audience and marketing performance. With real-time data, you can enhance your marketing strategies, better understand your visitors, and optimize your sales funnel.

But with so many plugins available, finding the right one can be daunting. That’s why we’ve done the work for you, compiling a list of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress.

Sit Kit by Google

Users can integrate various Google services with their WordPress website using Google’s open-source Site Kit plugin. A single, Unified dashboard generates reports for every Google service. It is a free google analytics plugin that doesn’t have a paid version and prioritizes simplicity over capabilities.

Sit Kit by Google

The setup wizard’s installation process takes a few seconds. Once you’re linked, you can view a graph of your website’s traffic and pie charts showing the sources, locations, and types of devices.

The secondary view feature enhanced Site Kit’s viewing functionality in its most recent update. The dashboard is also made simpler when Search Console data is displayed.

Key Features of Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress are:-

  • Easy-to-understand statistics displayed on the WordPress Dashboard
  • Integrated seamlessly with other Google Services
  • Simple setup that requires no coding
  • backed formally by Google
  • Lightweight and uncomplicated without the extra bulk

GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics wordpress plugin

GA Google is one of the best free google analytics plugin for WordPress. It is a simple, lightweight, GDPR-compliant, and widely used Google Analytics 4 WordPress plugin. Its main objective is to facilitate putting the Google Analytics tracking code on each website page. This tool has no data or insights, but it is an excellent alternative to other WordPress analytics tools.

For individuals who understand how to retrieve the information they require from Google, this WordPress analytics plugin is appropriate. Additionally, this plugin doesn’t have such a feature if you don’t want any extra information on your WordPress dashboard.

Key Features of best google analytics plugins for wordpress:-

  • Lightweight and very fast without any bloat
  • Respects visitors’ privacy by including an opt-out option on the front end
  • Makes it possible to customise the Google Analytics monitoring code easily
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Does not show site statistics in the admin area
  • Admin-level user tracking is disabled to collect accurate visitor data.

WP Google Analytics Events

You don’t need coding skills to utilize the WP Google Analytics WordPress plugin. It enables you to create events when users interact with specific website items.

WP Google Analytics Events Plugin

You can set up events to track videos, CTA buttons, banners, email links, and more. By monitoring visitor behavior, you can track clicks on CTAs and their time spent on your site. This provides measurable metrics for KPIs and events to analyze visitor actions.

This WordPress Analytics plugin can also track affiliate links and form submissions. However, setting up events can be challenging and require some knowledge of event tracking.

Key Features of Google Analytics WordPress Plugins:

  • Can Set Event Driven goals
  • Navigation tracking within pages
  • Ability to assess how well call to action buttons operate
  • Ability to follow submissions to contact forms
  • Working knowledge of the Google Tag Manager tool
  • Link tracking capability

Monster Insights Analytics Plugin

Monster Insights Analytics Plugin

The Most used WordPress Analytics plugin is MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. This plugin has a WordPress admin panel which makes integrating Google Analytics with your website and viewing your reports quickly.

Even the most complex Google Analytics capabilities can be quickly and easily set up in with MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. It operates in the background, as you might expect, and has no impact on the WordPress theme you are using for the front end.

This Monsterinsight wordpress plugin is the best google analytics 4 WordPress plugin. It is one of the best options for small enterprises on a budget because neither coding nor developers are required.

Gain valuable visitor insights without leaving WordPress Dashboard with the Google Analytics dashboard. It provides essential data on traffic sources, top-ranking articles, site visits, outbound links, and more. Stay informed and up-to-date with your website’s performance.

The latest versions of Google’s analytics software, Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics, are now compatible with the popular MonsterInsights WordPress plugin.

This powerful analytics plugin offers the Dual Tracking feature, enabling you to connect with both versions simultaneously or just the one you’re currently using. With this feature, you can conveniently track all your website data in one place, providing better insights for your website’s performance.

Key Features of Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins:-

  • Dashboard with analytics data that is simple to use
  • Support for Member Press, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads has improved eCommerce tracking.
  • Track affiliate links, banner advertisements, and other external links automatically.
  • View detailed statistics for each post and page.
  • The GDPR and other privacy laws

Analytify WordPress Analytics Plugins

Analytify WordPress Analytics Plugins

Analytify is Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress dashboard that has eye-catching graphs to help you see how visitors engage with your website.

  • It offers an easy integration process to incorporate Google analytics with a few clicks. It also provides metrics like session and visitor numbers, page views, average time on site, bounce rate, new vs returning visitors, and average page depth per session in a simple manner.
  • Additionally, some tables display your top pages, geographic breakdown, device and browser statistics, leading website referrers, traffic from social media, and the terms people used to reach you.
  • Dozens of settings give you more control over how your website draws in data from your Analytics account and what is tracked on your website.
  • For instance, you can set tracking for pages or posts, block tracking from the administrator and other logged-in users, hide or display particular analytics panels, and exclude following on specific pages.
  • You can get email reports to deliver your website statistics to your email, and a particular function helps web developers hide other Google Analytics profiles from their clients.
  • You may configure Google-recommended custom API keys with advanced options, anonymise IP addresses, track user IDs, scroll depth, incorporate demographic and interest monitoring, monitor JavaScript and AJAX failures, and more.

With the aforementioned free services, Analytify also offers a free add-on plugin that allows you to display valuable statistics in a widget on your WordPress dashboard.

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Key Features of Google Analytics 4 WordPress Plugin:-

  • It allows you to examine the analytics reports inside your WordPress admin area, just like MonsterInsights wordpress plugin does.
  • Enables you to view the statistics for specific articles and pages.
  • Provides a variety of extensions to increase its capabilities.
  • For instance, UTM parameters can be used to track campaigns.
  • Provides a summary of your sales, transactions, and revenue using eCommerce monitoring for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Sends automatic email reports for each page, post, and your site’s overall statistics.

Analytics CAT

Analytics CAT analytics plugin

One of the WordPress Analytics Plugin is this one. It adds monitoring features without slowing down your website. You can also turn off tracking for logged-in users if you want to collect valuable information about site visitors. Using this separation function, you may gauge how many website visits convert into genuine users.

Like Google Site Kit, this plugin is also open-source and free. As it is lightweight, it operates at astonishing speeds and saves you a lot of time. Key Features:-

  • Tracking for logged-in users is disabled
  • Simple setup and bloatware-free design
  • Support for Universal Tracking and Google Analytics
  • Translation into several languages is simple.

10WEB Analytics

10WEB Analytics wordpress Plugin

Another simple-to-install Google Analytics 4 wordpress plugin is 10WebAnalytics, which enables you to manage objectives, create and use custom dimensions, and view Google Analytics reports from your WordPress admin area.

This plugin also connects with Google Ads and AdSense to provide crucial information about your ad campaigns in one dashboard.

Key Features of wordpress Analytics Plugin:-

  • Goal Setting
  • Tailored Reporting
  • eCommerce Reporting
  • Notifications when measurements hit certain high or low thresholds
  • Send out automated emails with reports.
  • Reports can be exported to CSV files
  • Exclude specific user types, locations, or IP addresses from recorded data filtering


We hope you found our article about the best Google Analytics word press Plugins useful. You can’t go wrong with any of the plugins you select from this list because we’ve only included the best of the best. Google Analytics tracking codes for your website are created automatically by WordPress analytics plugins. Within your WordPress dashboard, they offer a user-friendly analytics report.

Consider the plugin’s popularity, usability, and support when deciding which Google Analytics plugin is ideal for you. You must also consider your own company’s requirements.


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