Digital Marketing Salary in 2023

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital marketing has opened the door for many career possibilities. It is a lucrative career choice for job seekers. It has endless career opportunities. We are dependent on the internet almost for everything from buying goods and services to searching for study materials which have led to increasing our dependency on the internet.

This increasing demand for the internet has led to an increase in the demand for digital marketers and also the digital marketing salary it will keep on increasing year on year. Therefore it can be said that digital marketing is a well-established career choice in 2023. It offers a good career scope to grow and a good salary.

Let us know how one can earn a good income by making a career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is the online selling of goods and services through a digital medium. The main aim of digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing, just the platform is different.

As we Know Traditional marketing advertisement is done through banners, tv ads, pamphlets, etc. which is also a costly affair. But in digital marketing, the same is done through social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc.

Advertising on digital platforms is not only cost-effective but there are also several tools available that help the company in knowing what kind of people are interested in their product and their location which also helps in further planning for marketing.

Digital marketing allows customers to interact with ads and communicate with brands. Customers can also directly visit their respective brands and can have all the information they want. There are many forms of digital marketing like email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, Influencer, etc. companies can choose according to their need and targeted audience.

In India, the number of internet users is high and is expected to increase more in the coming years so digital marketing is the best option to survive in this competitive market.

Companies are hiring more digital marketing professionals to increase their product visibility and brand to the customers. Therefore it can be said that demand for digital marketing professionals is high and will continue to increase. So, digital marketing salary will also increase in the coming years. Therefore, it can be an ideal career option for graduates and postgraduates.

Now you have a clear picture of digital marketing and its chances for growing as a career. Let’s have a look at the different career scopes and salaries thereof.

Career and Salary Scope in Digital Marketing 2023

Companies of all segments are investing in digital marketing. Digital marketers can start their careers individually. Here you will find more scope of learning and earning. You will have the option of grabbing the knowledge related to different fields and can become a master. For startups, it is the best business idea to provide digital marketing services. Here are the career options available in digital marketing:-

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PPC Analyst

PPC Analyst or Per Pay Click Analyst is responsible for analyzing and administering the per pay click performance of the client. Per Pay Click Analyst quickly understands advertising metrics that are needed for the business and takes initiative that is useful in achieving goals and success for clients campaigns.

Responsibility and Role of PPC analyst:-

  • Evaluate and monitor search results across the major search channels and performance
  • Proactively make strategic PPC campaign
  • Undergo and research partnerships with new PPC vendors to lower cost-per-acquisition(CPA) and to expand their reach.
  • Generate reports for PPC, daily account management of pay per click accounts on Yahoo, Google AdWords, Bing, and all the other different search platforms for clients
  • Monitor and administer reports, web analytics dashboards, and optimize key areas of importance to match up with client goals and also key reporting tools
  • Update and manage for large keyword lists
  • Keep pace with search engine and PPC industry
  • Provide interesting ad templates and creative ad copies as well as suggestions
  • In the aid of creating new paid, search advertising initiatives support the generation of new PPC campaigns, ad, ad groups, and accounts
  • Execute and provide recommendations and strategies for display network, targeting, keyword opportunities, campaign structuring, and other paid search as per the client goals
  • To meet client goals, work closely with other team members on advertising
  • Communicate to management and team on project timelines, development, and results
  • To maximize the effectiveness of PPC campaigns they utilize data modelling and bid management tools
  • Generate monthly, weekly, and daily client reporting for all those major metrics such as revenue tracking, goals tracking, and other paid search initiatives

Worldwide 65% of companies are already having PPC in their company and many more are planning to invest in this. So if you are planning to become a PPC Analyst it’s a great time to start a career.

Companies mostly hire graduates with technical knowledge in this field. There are many online courses available for PPC Analysts. You just need to enrol and grab the knowledge.

Digital Marketing Salary varies according to companies For MNC’s: 25 to 30k INR CMM Level 2+: 20 to 25k INR Startup & Small Companies: 18 to 22k INR Companies source: Naukri Salary

Social Media Marketing Manager

To promote and strengthen the organization’s brand Social Media Manager uses different social media platforms. There are many creative, analytical, and managerial aspects of this role.

Role and Responsibility of Social Media Manager:

  • Helps in promoting services, products, and content over social media
  • They schedule social media posts using applications like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc
  • For the use of social media, they create content, video, and also text post
  • Develop social media strategy and content
  • Analysis of the performance of social media campaigns and also keep a track of it
  • They also manage the budget to be spent on promoting social media posts and pay per click advertising
  • Interacting and dealing with a customer inquiry
  • To ensure branding is consistent they collaborate with colleagues across the marketing department

This is another job where graduates can apply. Generally, companies prefer graduates for this role. But as a freelancer, you can choose this career at any stage of your education or career.

Social Media Marketing can also be done as a freelancer. This is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is in demand as you have flexible working hours. Many offline and online courses are available for Social Media Marketing managers. You must have customer handling skills and social media skills to start a career in this field.

Social Media Manager salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.0 Lakhs with more than 10,000+ jobs available in India

Content Marketer

The process of creating and sharing free content to attract prospects and convert them into customers is called content marketing. You must have good writing skills to be a content writer.

Content marketing is the technique that provides relevant information to the customer. Everything you see online in infographic form, video, on the web page, etc is content marketing. Many companies are shifting to online marketing which will increase the demand for content marketers.

You can start your career after graduation and must be an expert in any language. If you are good at the research it will be perfect for your career. The salary for a fresher as a content marketer is ₹15k to ₹18k per month. It will gradually increase after your skill and experience and on work front more than 14,000+ jobs available for content writers worldwide.

SEO Expert

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The role of the SEO expert is to improve the ranking of the website on search engines and also show it on the first five pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

It is also called organic SEO as they are responsible for bringing totally free traffic. When users search for anything on a search engine they don’t have to pay anything for the result shown on the first five rankings and nor for the customers visiting any page shown on the search engine.

An SEO expert should be good at deciding which content will be good in engaging customers. They should also be good decision-makers and problem solvers.

The role and responsibility of SEO Expert:-

  • Integrate and develop content marketing strategies
  • Drive potential customers to the website
  • Using conversion rate optimization methods and user experience turn visitors into active customers.
  • Keep an eye on the website’s performance and make recommendations for improvement.
  • To link back to the site of the organization they encourage external sites
  • Maintain meta descriptions and tags, manage the company’s website, social media account
  • Enhance the visibility of the site by searching for the right keyword

SEO should have a few skills like problem-solving and good communication skills. These skills help in understanding the customer’s demand and offer the desired results. You can start your career just after understanding the basics of SEO.

Salary for fresher SEO Expert starts from ₹18,000-25,000 per month and increases further with knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager plays a vital role in digital marketing. They are responsible for implementing, developing, and managing digital marketing campaigns.

Roles and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Keeping track of customer’s purchase behaviour
  • Enhance awareness of product and brand on digital platforms
  • To monitor site traffic they use a web analytics tool
  • To expand the reach of the customer’s on digital platforms they identify the new technologies
  • Optimize marketing campaigns including social media, digital advertising, etc

The person should be eager to learn new things as digital marketing keeps on updating and adopting new technologies. A Digital Marketing Manager should have management skills and advanced knowledge of social media. Knowledge of web designing and coding also helps in this job.

This is one of the most prominent work profiles for graduates. If you are looking for digital marketing as a career then you must apply for the post.

Many online and offline certification courses are available to be a Digital Marketing Manager. The Digital Marketing Salary of manager starts from ₹2 lakh per annum. It increases further to ₹10 lakh per annum depending on knowledge, experience, and success rate.

Salary in Digital Marketing According To Job Role

  • Job Roles
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Social Media Manager
    Search Engine Marketer
    SEO Specialist
    Content Marketing Manager
    Email Marketer
    Marketing Specialist
    Web Analyst
  • Average Salary (Per Annum for 0-3 Years Experience)
    4.7 Lakh
    3.5 Lakh
    3.6 Lakh
    1.9 Lakh
    6.4 Lakh
    5 Lakh
    4.6 Lakh
    3.6 Lakh
  • Salary Range
    1.9 to 10
    1.79 to 7.26
    2.57 to 7.34
    1.0 to 4.03
    3.7 to 10
    2.2 to 10
    2.1 to 10
    1.8 to 6.66



Although Digital Marketing Salary varies based on experience and knowledge. If you look at the professional average salary after having experience of 6 years, Digital Marketers are one of the highest-paid professionals.

Career scope in digital marketing is very high and an eligible candidate can earn both name and fame from this industry. Every day new businesses are entering this digital world hence increasing the demand for digital marketing. And companies are also ready to pay reasonable Digital Marketing salary to eligible digital marketing professionals.

The location also plays an important role in deciding the Digital Marketing salary. Companies in the metro city offer a better salary than the company in a small town.

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