Most Reliable Website Builder- Best and Cheapest in 2023

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WordPress is the most reliable website builder and it is popular among businesses that want to have flexible, powerful, and affordable websites. It allows you to create any custom code that you need. 

Problem with Paid Platforms

There are many paid platforms from which you can choose. Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace are some of the most popular paid website builders. These platforms are designed to quickly launch something in just a few clicks and have it look good enough. They do this very well.

The problem comes when you want to do something unique, but the website does not support it. Because there are limitations on what you do, many code editing abilities are restricted to make things easy.

The Other issue with paid website builders is that you need to pay a monthly fee for using its features, and for using critical business features, you need to pay a higher monthly subscription. And it is also tough to move the content from one site to another. It is not only expensive but also time-consuming.

And If by mistake you violated their terms of service, which can be possible as you are new to the platform, then your website can be taken down and obliterated, and there is nothing you can do about it. The cost of convenience is enormous.

Problem with Custom Development

  • The problem with custom development is that it is expensive to create and maintain because everything has to be built from scratch. Therefore it’s time-consuming and costly for most small businesses, and it is not feasible.
  • To make it easy for non-technical content editors to post content, you have to pay a license for another program, write something by yourself, or find an open-source program that fits your needs well enough to implement. All of this takes time.
  • Most small businesses don’t have a budget to hire a team to create something in-house or hire a competent agency. And managing a project like this is not accessible if you don’t have experience.
  • Creating something custom is costly because you either need a full-fledged developer to make changes or find people who can jump into your project, make the changes, and fix the bugs. 

But with WordPress, you can do any custom coding without any restrictions. There are 50,000 plugins available to help you, and if it does not allow you, you can create any custom coding without an issue.

Advantages of WordPress

810 million websites use WordPress, which is 43% of all the websites on the internet.

Evert business need to scale up or manage his website with the growing business.

For this, they need marketing professionals, including developers, content managers, and social media strategists to manage their websites.

Professionals working for this website builder is available easily because of its popularity and people are already familiar with it. Finding courses, training, and professionals to manage the site is also easy and affordable.

But one drawback of such an accessible platform is that you hire someone cheap who does poor quality work that needs to be fixed later. These situations are not always pretty and need to be fixed.

WordPress in Open Source Software

wordpress open source software

WordPress has two versions, one is, and the other is is the most popular version. It is an open-source software and completely independent, which means you can download a copy of WordPress and install it on your server.

You can do anything with it, and nobody can take your site away. It is “self-hosted WordPress” by the technical community. WordPress is free to use, regardless of what your host charges for it.

The Co-founder of WordPress, Automattic, founded, like Shopify and Wix, it is also a paid platform. WordPress powers it, but there are restrictions on what you do. You can create custom code only for CSS, not anything else, and use only approved plugins. 

It is improved by independent contributors who offer to fix bugs, improve code and make it better, which means that a group of the best developers is working together to enhance WordPress.

Optimized and Adapted by Modern Technology

The possibilities with WordPress website builder are endless. So, New additions such as the Block Editor (also known as Gutenberg) use React JS to power all of their functions. And this allows them to take the power of modern web technology. While the majority use JavaScript, and some also use classic PHP.

Implementing an optimization is easy, or in any way, you can imagine. All from SEO to Hosting includes just a click for installation and configuration. 

It is cost-effective and does not cost any development cost or restriction on what you can do with it. It is easy to learn and also easy to find people who are familiar with it.


WordPress is easy to use and most reliable website builder. If you want to learn How to Create website using WordPress website builder you can join our Digital Marketing Training Institute or contact us on+91-8077953248 to get Online Demo Class.

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