WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

1. Dashboard Widget Suite

A dashboard widget suite is the ideal option if you want to go with a tons of new dashboard widgets.

2. White Label CMS

If you're using WordPress to build a website for a client, you can use this plugin to tailor the admin area to their specific needs and requests.

3. Ultimate Dashboard 

The Ultimate Dashboard plugin makes it easier to customize the appearance of your WordPress site.

4. Admin Columns

With the help of this plugin,  you can create stunning  columns to organize and  make the WordPress content  management panels appear more user-friendly.

5. Admin Menu Editor

The Admin Menu Editor is the perfect plugin for the task if you want to change your menu's design, rename items, or create custom menu items.

6. Admin Menu Search

A search box is added to the top of the WordPress Dashboard's Admin Menu with the Admin Menu Search plugin.

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