Best AMP WordPress Plugins

Let's look at the best AMP WordPress plugins that will speed up your website's loading time on mobile devices while maintaining its speed and functionality.

01. AMP

This plugin makes your WordPress site faster, more beautiful, engaging, secure, and more accessible.

2. AMP for WP

High page load times for your website are ensured by this plugin, which thereby boosts performance and increases traffic.


This plugin automatically adds AMP capability to your website and makes sure that it runs quickly on mobile devices which will increase traffic to your site.

4. Easy AMP

One of the best AMP WordPress plugins for accelerating your website on mobile devices is Easy AMP.

5. PWA for WP & AMP

The PWA plugin brings the power of Progressive Web Apps to WP and AMP to take the user experience to the next level.

6. Ads by WPQUADS

It is among the best AMP WordPress plugins in terms of functionality and effectiveness.

7. Jetpack

The goal of Jetpack is to provide a comprehensive approach to WordPress site optimization.

8. Instantify

With Instantify, you can rapidly convert your website into a responsive, fast-loading web app with features optimized for social media services and mobile usage.

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