Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

Site Kit by Google


It allows you to integrate your website with numerous Google services, such as Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense, and Search Console.

GA Google Analytics 


This lightweight plugin inserts the necessary Google Analytics tracking code into your posts and pages.

WP Google Analytics Events


The purpose of WP Google Analytics Events, like GA Google Analytics, is to provide you more control over what is tracked on your website, rather than to view reports directly in the WordPress admin area.



It provides a simple approach to track the data on your WordPress website thanks to its seamless connection with WordPress and remarkable capabilities.



By using the Analytify plugin, you can view the analytics for your website right from your WordPress dashboard. For e-commerce companies, Analytify is extremely beneficial.

Analytics Cat


It gives you an easy way to prevent your data from being corrupted by your compulsive self-navigation by allowing you to exclude logged-in users from your Google Analytics tracking.



With the help of the plugin, you can integrate your Google Analytics tracking code with extra tracking options like IP anonymization, improved link attribution, outbound link tracking, and more.

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