Best WordPress GDPR Plugins to Improve Compliance

1. CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR is a fast-growing plugin in the WordPress directory and it offers many settings for making your site GDPR-compliant.

2. Cookie Notice for GDPR

Using the Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin, you can inform users and get their consent for using cookies.

3. WP GDPR Compliance

In the WordPress repository, WP GDPR Compliance has grown quickly. Activating the plugin will allow you to comply with GDPR regulations.

4. WP AutoTerms

A cookies policy page, privacy policy page, and terms & conditions agreement page can be created using this tool.

5. Cookiebot

This WordPress GDPR plugin offers a cloud-based tool to control cookies and trackers to ensure compliance with GDPR.

6. Termly

Termly is a SaaS cookie consent and compliance service that you can easily connect with your WordPress site.

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