Some key features of the Google AdSense WordPress plugin:

Easy integration:

The Google AdSense plugin for WordPress allows for easy integration of AdSense ads into your WordPress website.

AdSense account management:

The plugin also provides easy access to your AdSense account from within the WordPress dashboard.

Ad placement options:

 The Google AdSense WordPress plugin offers a variety of ad placement options, including automatic ad placement and manual ad placement.

Ad customization:

The plugin provides several customization options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your AdSense ads to match your website's design and style.

Ad optimization:

The Google AdSense plugin for WordPress is designed to optimize ad performance by automatically testing different ad formats, sizes, and placements to determine the most effective ad configuration for your site.

Ad blocking:

 The plugin includes an ad blocking feature that allows you to block specific ads or ad categories from appearing on your site.

Performance reporting:

The plugin provides detailed performance reports that help you track your AdSense earnings, clicks, impressions, and other key metrics. You can also view reports by date range, ad unit, or ad type.

Compliance with AdSense policies:

The Google AdSense WordPress plugin ensures that your ads comply with AdSense policies, helping you avoid violations and potential account suspension.

Overall, the Google AdSense WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for website owners and publishers who want to monetize their WordPress site with AdSense ads.