The Google Search Console's tools can be used to complete the following tasks:

Check for Websites:

Google Search Console provides users with a summary of their rates, data, and any issues Google may find.


The search console can explore a website and determine its location.

Search, Discover, and News:

Google provides feedback on the performance of webpages within each of these services.


Users can fix indexing issues and request for new or updated content.

URL Inspection:

Google Search Console reveals coding errors, usability issues, canonical tags, and other problems.

Organic Traffic:

If you're curious in how frequently your website appears in Google's search results and how many people click through to your site when looking for a particular term, you may use the Search Console.


Users may view a list of websites that have linked to your site using Google's Search Console.

Mobile Usability:

Users can assess the mobile-friendliness of each website page.


The Search Console gives information regarding uploaded sitemaps and bot indexing issues.

Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals offers users insight into how their websites are performing based on data gathered from actual users.

Status of Results:

After crawling rich results, Google examines them and corrects any errors it finds.

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