How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website or Blog?

Your website will not rank in the search engine if it is not mobile-friendly. That's why every blog and website needs to be mobile-friendly today.

Making your website mobile friendly will boost its search engine rating and attract more visitors.

Choose Mobile Friendly Theme

The best way to make your WordPress blog mobile-friendly is to use a mobile-friendly theme from the WordPress theme directory.

Clear Call to Action (CTAs)

Place the appropriate CTAs on your website and application so that, as people read your content, you can strategically direct them with actions to achieve the intended results.

keep website design simple

By keeping your website's design simple, you will maintain its speed as well as make it mobile-friendly.

Use Mobile Friendly Plugin

By using the AMP plugin, you can make your website fast-loading and easy for mobile devices, even if your theme is not mobile-friendly.

Do not maintain a large image size

The size of your blog also affects how well it will function on mobile devices. Use an ideal image size for your blog.

Maintain the Proper Font Size

Mobile users won’t be able to read your blog if it’s too small, and vice versa if it’s too large. Choose an ideal font size for your blog.

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