How to do Off Page SEO ?

In this Story, you will find the complete checklist of Off-Page SEO.

1. Create Backlink

Off-page SEO includes backlinks. It is essential to constantly create backlinks to your website for off-page SEO.

2. Guest Posting

Whenever we write a post for an authority website that is related to our blog niche, it is called guest post.

3. Forum Website

Your website will receive a lot of traffic if you answer people's questions in different forums related to your niche.

4. Search Engine Submission

The blog posts will appear on search engine results as soon as the website is submitted to the search engine.

5. Social Share

Social media pages in your website's name, and sharing your content across all platforms, will bring instant traffic to you site.

6. Video Submission

Post your blog posts as video posts and submit them to website such as, rediff and dailymotion.

By following this checklist , you can do Off-Page SEO of your website.

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