Key features of the Podium plugin for WordPress

Customizable Review Requests:

- Website owners may use Podium to generate personalized review requests that ask users for feedback by email or SMS.

- Review requests can be sent immediately after a customer completes a purchase or service, making it simple to collect feedback.

Review Management Dashboard:

- Podium provides a dashboard from which website owners can monitor and manage all of their reviews.

- They can filter reviews by date, rate, or keywords, and respond to consumer feedback directly from the dashboard.

Review Display Options:

- Podium provides several options for showing reviews on a website.

- Website owners can customize the layout, font, and colors to match their website's branding.

- Reviews can be displayed as a list, grid, or slideshow.

Rich Snippets:

- The podium has schema markup for rich snippets, which can boost a website's search engine optimization (SEO) by presenting review scores in search results.

Integration with Other Platforms:

- Google, Facebook, and Yelp are just a few of the popular platforms that Podium works with.

- This enables website owners to import reviews from various platforms and show them alongside their own customer reviews.

Automated Review Moderation:

- Spam and inappropriate content from reviews are filtered by Podium's AI-powered moderation.

- This helps to ensure that only real and relevant reviews are published on a website.