What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google open-source project that reduces the time it takes for web pages to load on mobile devices.

AMP uses a stripped-down version of HTML to improve the performance and functionality of mobile pages.

Who uses AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

Bloggers frequently use AMP when writing new blog posts, particularly when sharing their own content or content from another social media site.



This is especially true for affiliate bloggers who use affiliate networks to post links back to advertising.


AMP pages can assist digital marketers in securing their client's email addresses and tracking visitor activity on their websites.

Digital Marketers

Additionally, they use it to record essential information for creating reports.

AMP is frequently added to links on a website's homepage by website developers. They accomplish this by implementing code segments provided by AMP in its library.

Website developers


These links boost an AMP page's visibility, which can lead to higher rankings on search engines.


AMP is a popular tool used by software developers to create web pages and mobile applications.

Software engineers

A software engineer might search the pages of their website or application for efficient HTML code snippets. They can then alter these code segments or use AMP to completely rewrite the page.

Small business owners

AMP is frequently helpful for small business owners to increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly local SERPs.

AMP pages are frequently indexed by search engines more quickly than standard mobile pages, improving their overall visibility on SERPs.

Their click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates for mobile devices are improved by AMP since it indexes them on mobile devices more quickly than standard mobile pages.

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