What is a canonical tag and why is it important for SEO? 

What is Canonical Tag ?

The canonical tag is an HTML tag that appears in the header section of a blog and tells the search engines to include this URL as our main blog or webpage.

What is Canonical URL ?

Canonical URLs are a webpage's preferred URL. They tell search engines which of the similar-looking URLs should be indexed as the main URL.

Canonical Tag Basic Structure

<link rel=”canonical” href=”https://Example.com/” />

Does Canonical Tag affect SEO?

The website is protected from the duplicate content issue by canonical tags.

As a result, the website's structure remains correct, and the user experience improves. That is why canonical tags are essential in SEO.

Advantage of Canonical Tag

- A higher ranking appears in the search results. - A proper indexing of the webpage is performed.

- Search engine bots easily understand which pages are to be indexed and which are not. - Resolve the duplicate content problem.