What is local SEO and how does it work?

The Purpose of local SEO is to boost the visibility of local businesses in Google's Local Search Engine.

What can you do with Local SEO?

Local SEO is a excellent way to get more customers for your local business.

How to do Local SEO?

The complete checklist of Local SEO is in this story. On the Basis of these, you can do local SEO of the website.

1. Create a website for your business

First of all, you create a website for your business, this is the first step to do local SEO.

2. Create Contact Us Page

Add a contact us page to the website, with the business name, addresses, and phone number.

3. Use the right keywords

Using only keywords that are relevant to your business will increase visitors to your website and increase your sales.

4. Use Schema Data

Your business website will be better understood by search engines if you use Schema Data.

5. List in Google My Business

The most important part of Local SEO is listing your business on Google My Business.

6. Create Quality and Relevant Backlink

Creating Quality Backlink is very important for business. Good Backlink improves your SEO.

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