Best WordPress A/B Testing Tools to Optimize Conversion Rate

1. Nelio Testing

A/B testing on your WordPress website using Nelio AB Testing will help you increase conversion rates and develop your content and design.

2. Split Test for Elementor

WordPress Split Test For Elementor is a dedicated plugin that allows you to run A/B and split tests on Elementor-based websites.

3. Split Hero

It is a professional A/B testing tool. You can manage multiple websites from one admin panel, an interactive dashboard that tracks traffic and bounce rates.

4. Google Optimize

Your Google Analytics account is directly linked to Google Optimize. You can therefore get highly accurate data immediately after running split tests based on actual results.

5. Thrive Optimize

Statistics are used by Thrive Optimize to determine the winner of your experiments and eliminate the element that performs the worst.

6. Convert

A/B testing, split testing, multi-page testing, and multivariate testing are all included in Convert's all-in-one website split testing platform.

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