Best Tools to Create Online Surveys and Polls:

There are many WordPress plugins available that allow you to white label the WordPress dashboard. Here are some popular plugins:

1. WP Custom Admin Interface

You can easily customize the WordPress admin menu, toolbar, and login interface with WP Custom Admin Interface.

2. White Label CMS

With White Label CMS, developers can provide their clients with a more personalized and less confusing content management system.

3. Ultimate Client Dash

This plugin allows you to customize and rebrand the WordPress dashboard and login page, manage user capabilities, white-label WordPress, and more.

4. White Label WordPress

White Label WordPress allows you to create a completely customized WordPress dashboard with your own widgets and a custom logo.

5. Branda

This tool lets you transform your dashboard, customize system (default) emails, toggle maintenance mode and landing pages, change the login screen, create color schemes, and much more.

6. Ultimate Dashboard

With Ultimate Dashboard, you can create a custom WordPress dashboard for yourself and your clients.

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